Newsletter 5(2)
June 1, 2012

Prof. K. Scherer, Prof. J. Fontaine & Dr. C. Soriano - The GRID - a truly connected project

Newsletter 4(2)
December 1, 2011

Prof. M. Betrancourt & Prof. T. Pun: Affective computing and emotion awareness in computer-mediated interaction Prof. F. Clément: When social appraisal meets social referencing. A developmental perspective on interest Prof. D. Nelis: The translation of the emotions: from Greece to Rome Prof. S. Schwartz: How the brain changes its mind: Roles of emotional relevance and sleep in learning and decision making

Newsletter 3(2)
June 1, 2011

Prof. P. Borgeaud: Myths and rituals in the emotions of ancient civilisations

Newsletter 2(2)
December 1, 2010

Prof. B. Fantini: The emotional power of music

Newsletter 1(2)
March 1, 2010

Special issue: the second phase 2009 - 2013 Musical activities at the NCCR Affectives Sciences 2009-2010 Phase II Research projects at a glance

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